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What to Watch If You Love 'Legends of Tomorrow'

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List RulesVote up the films and series you know other fans of Legends of Tomorrow will love. Please don’t vote if you haven’t seen Legends of Tomorrow.

Following the success of Arrow and The Flash, the DC television universe was expanded with Legends of Tomorrow featuring a group of time-traveling superheroes who fight to preserve the future by any means necessary. If you’re searching for ideas about what to watch after DC's Legends of Tomorrow, these TV shows and movies are a great place to start. The best movies and shows like Legends of Tomorrow feature superheroes, science fiction, and amazing adventure. In this list, you'll find everything from The Flash to Supergirl to Justice League.

What programs will you vote to the top of this list? Maybe you're a fan of Batman, a film that explores the life of a superhero without any superpowers, much like many of the members of the team that make up the Legends of Tomorrow. If you’re looking for more superheroics, Luke Cage is a gritty TV series to dive into if you love what makes a super-powered person a superhero. Some of the other notable movies and shows to watch if you like Legends of Tomorrow include The Defenders, Krypton, and The Gifted.

Which shows and movies are the best for Legends of Tomorrow fans? Vote up the ones you would recommend to other fans, and be sure to check out the titles you haven’t seen yet.

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  • Lucifer
    Photo: Fox
    Lucifer (Fox, 2016) is an American fantasy police procedural comedy-drama television series developed by Tom Kapinos. The series revolves around Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis), the Devil, who abandons Hell for Los Angeles where he runs his own nightclub and becomes a consultant to the LAPD.... more on Wikipedia
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  • The Flash
    Photo: The CW
    The Flash (The CW, 2014) is an American superhero television series developed by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, and Geoff Johns, based on the DC Comics character. CSI Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) gains super-human speed, which he uses to fight wrong doers, including others who have also gained superhuman abilities.... more on Wikipedia
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  • Supergirl
    Photo: Supergirl / The CW
    Supergirl (The CW, 2015) is an American superhero action-adventure television series developed by Ali Adler, Greg Berlanti, and Andrew Kreisberg, based on the DC Comics character. The adventures of Superman's cousin (Melissa Benoist) in her own superhero career.... more on Wikipedia
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  • Arrow
    Photo: Arrow / The CW
    Arrow (The CW, 2012) is an American superhero television series developed by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisberg, based on the DC Comics character. Five years after being stranded on a hostile island, billionaire playboy Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) returns home to fight the wrong doers as a secret vigilante whose weapon of choice is a bow and arrow.... more on Wikipedia
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