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What to Watch If You Love 'Mindhunter'

Updated October 9, 2020 13.8k views16 items

Wondering what to watch now that you've bulldozed right through the latest season of Mindhunter? This list has you covered. The acclaimed true crime series gets viewers straight into the minds of serial killers, but it's far from the only show on the air that allows you to delve into the rabbit hole that is the mind of a murderer. Our data tells us these shows are highly likely to please Mindhunter fans, whether it's because they have similar subject matter, share the same dark tone, or just happen to share a lot of the same fans. If you're itching for something equally eerie to watch after binging the second season, we've got plenty of data that says you'll love these shows and movies.


  • Photo: Dark / Netflix

    Mindhunter fans are 5X more likely to love Dark

    Nobody does psychological thrillers better than the Germans! Set in a fictional town German town called Winden, Dark follows four families as they uncover a massive, time-traveling conspiracy while searching for a missing child — think Stranger Things, but a little, uh, darker. It's a sci-fi show that tracks three generations across multiple time periods, so it's a little less grounded than Mindhunter, but both shows share a focus on the pervasive and often surprising consequences of our capacity for evil.

    Ranker data tells us that people who like these shows and movies tend to also like Dark:

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    • Mindhunter fans are 7X more likely to love Killing Eve

      With its sometimes shocking violence, rock-solid dialogue, and its focus on the struggle to keep work and private life separate, there's a lot that Killing Eve has in common with Mindhunter. Killing Eve boasts five Emmy nominations in 2019, with both Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer up for the "Lead Actress in a Drama" award, and writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge is one of the most exciting, up-and-coming screenwriters active today. This story about a deadly assassin and the spy tasked with bringing her to justice swings wildly between action, romance, and thriller, which makes it everything that a Mindhunter fan could ask for and more.

      Ranker data tells us that people who like these shows and movies tend to also like Killing Eve:

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      • Photo: The Sinner / USA Network

        Mindhunter fans are 7X more likely to love The Sinner

        People interested in exploring the factors that motivate people to commit horrible acts will love The Sinner, an anthology crime show on USA. The show's first season stars Bill Pullman as a detective and Jessica Biel as a young mother who randomly and without warning stabs a man to death on the beach. Much like Mindhunter, the mystery of The Sinner isn't who committed the crime, but why. 

        Ranker data tells us that people who like these shows and movies tend to also like The Sinner:

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        • Mindhunter fans are 7X more likely to love Jack Ryan

          Jack Ryan is the CIA spy hero of five blockbuster movies based on Tom Clancy's bestselling action novels, and the Amazon Prime series introduces the protagonist of classics like The Hunt for Red October and The Patriot Games to a new generation of viewers. John Krasinski steps into the role that was previously played by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, and Ben Affleck, and while it's the action sequences that most viewers are tuning in for, it's the element of mystery and suspense that makes this show uniquely riveting. Mindhunter fans will love this cat-and-mouse pursuit of a dangerous terrorist and the mysterious network of financiers supporting him. 

          Ranker data tells us that people who like these shows and movies tend to also like Jack Ryan:

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