What to Watch If You Love Quantico

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Have you become attached to Quantico with no idea what to watch next? Welcome to the club! It's easy to get into a series like Quantico thanks to its brilliant acting by Priyanka Chopra who headlines the series. The show follows Chopra as she graduates the FBI Academy at Quantico and is immediately thrust into a terrorist attack, which lands her as the prime suspect. Initially, the series was broken into two timelines: one following present events centering around the investigation into the attack and the other following Chopra's Alex Parrish and her fellow trainees during their time at the titular academy.

Having watched the available seasons, but finding yourself wanting more Quantico is a familiar problem for fans of the series. Sadly, the series only lasted three seasons on ABC, but there are other spy TV series and movies similar to Quantico you can watch now. Series like Blindspot follow criminal investigations of a somewhat mysterious origin while films like Atomic Blonde center around a female spy thrust into international politics—and fans of Quantico are sure to enjoy either. So, whether you're looking for a female-led show or a good drama series, you'll certainly find something below.

For more recommendations for what to watch after Quantico, browse this list and feel free to add any similar shows and movies you think are missing!