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What to Watch If You Love 'Real Time with Bill Maher'

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Real Time with Bill Maher is a comedy interview series that tackles the most controversial topics of the day. If you’re searching for ideas about what to watch after Real Time with Bill Maher, these TV shows and movies are a great place to start. The best movies and shows like Real Time with Bill Maher feature impromptu comedy, interviews, and recounts of the day's or week's events. In this list, you'll find everything from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to Religulous.

What programs will you vote to the top of this list? Maybe you're a fan of Late Night, which is about a host similar to Bill Maher, but who is in the twilight period of her programming and is looking for some edgier, younger talent to breed new life into her show. If you’re looking for more political commentary, The Daily Show is a hilarious TV series to dive into if you enjoy funny and interesting interviews of politicians, actors, writers, and everyone else in-between. Some of the other notable movies and shows to watch if you like Real Time with Bill Maher include The Colbert Report, The Newsroom, and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Which shows and movies are the best for Real Time with Bill Maher fans? Vote up the ones you would recommend to other fans, and be sure to check out the titles you haven’t seen yet.

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    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO, 2014) is an American late-night talk and news satire television program hosted by comedian John Oliver. The half-hour-long show takes a satirical look at news, politics, and current events, but on a weekly basis....  more
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  • Curb Your Enthusiasm is an American improvised comedy television series produced and broadcast by HBO, which premiered on October 15, 2000. It has aired 80 episodes over eight seasons, the last of which aired in 2011. The series was created by Seinfeld co-creator Larry David, who stars as a fictionalized version of himself. The series follows Larry in his life as a semi-retired television writer and producer in Los Angeles and later New York City. Also starring are Cheryl Hines as his wife Cheryl, Jeff Garlin as his manager Jeff, and Susie Essman as Jeff's wife Susie. Curb Your Enthusiasm often features guest stars, and many of these appearances are by celebrities playing versions of...  more
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    The Rachel Maddow Show is a daily news and opinion television program that airs on MSNBC, running in the 9:00 pm ET timeslot. It is hosted by Rachel Maddow, who gained popularity with her frequent appearances as a liberal pundit on various MSNBC programs. It is based on her former radio show of the same name. The show debuted on September 8, 2008....  more
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    The Colbert Report is an American late-night talk and news satire television program hosted by Stephen Colbert that aired on Comedy Central from October 17, 2005 to December 18, 2014 for 1,447 episodes. The show focused on a fictional anchorman character named Stephen Colbert, played by his real-life namesake. The character, described by Colbert as a "well-intentioned, poorly informed, high-status idiot", is a caricature of televised political pundits. Furthermore, the show satirized conservative personality-driven political talk programs, particularly Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor. The Colbert Report is a spin-off of Comedy Central's The Daily Show, where he acted as a correspondent for...  more
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