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What To Watch If You Love 'Reign'

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Reign kept viewers on the edge of their seats with twisting political plots against a backdrop of royalty, so it's no surprise that you’d be on the hunt for similar shows to watch after bingeing the entire series. Well, search no more, because this list has some of the best recommendations for movies and TV shows similar to Reign

Deciding what to watch after Reign really depends on your mood, but if you’re looking for more historical dramas, The Spanish Princess is another show about queens that you’ll almost certainly love if you like Reign

Some other movies and TV shows like Reign in this list are movies like The Other Boleyn Girl, which features another fictional account on the life of Mary, Queen of Scots. The Tudors is another good TV series that explores royal marriages and famous historical kings. Other good TV and movies recommended for Reign fans include Versailles, The Crown, and Marie Antoinette.

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  • The White Princess
    Photo: Starz
    The White Princess (Starz, 2017) is a historical drama television miniseries developed by Jamie Payne and Alex Kalymnios, based on the 2013 novel by Philippa Gregory. After the marriage of Henry VII (Jacob Collins-Levy) and Elizabeth of York (Jodie Comer) ends the War of the Roses, their mutual distrust slowly becomes a threat to the kingdom....  more
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  • The Spanish Princess
    Photo: Starz
    The Spanish Princess (Starz, 2019) is a historical drama television limited series developed by Emma Frost and Matthew Graham, based on the novels by Philippa Gregory. The beautiful Spanish princess, Catherine of Aragon (Charlotte Hope), navigates the royal lineage of England with an eye on the throne....  more
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  • The White Queen
    Photo: BBC One

    Fans of Reign will love this drama series that features women involved with the War of the Roses and the struggle for the English throne.

    The White Queen (BBC One, 2013) is a British historical drama television miniseries based on the novel series by Philippa Gregory. In 1460s England, three women - Elizabeth Woodville (Rebecca Ferguson), Margaret Beaufort (Amanda Hale), and Anne Neville (Faye Marsay) - manipulate events behind the scenes of history to gain power....  more
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  • This sexy historical drama is the perfect pick if you blasted your way through Reign.

    The Tudors (Showtime, 2007) is a historical fiction television series created by Michael Hirst. In 16th-century England, King Henry VIII (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) protects his throne from enemies with marriages, war, and betrayals....  more
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