What to Watch If You Love Stranger Things

Few Netflix original series have captured people's imaginations like Stranger Things. With its coming of age stories, '80s nostalgia, and sci-fi overtonesStranger Things is a truly unique program that appeals to fans of a variety of different genres and viewers from all different age groups. So how do you figure out what to watch next after seeing such a one-of-a-kind show? With data, of course! This list features TV shows and movies that our Ranker voting data tells us are especially beloved by Stranger Things fanatics. 

Because the show appeals to such a broad audience, we've tried to pick a wide range of things to watch that features something for every kind of Stranger Things fan, from the nostalgists looking to remember the heydays of horror in the 1980s, to sci-fi junkies, to young fans drawn by an impressive cast of new talent. Based on the votes of hundreds of Stranger Things viewers like you, we've determined the shows and movies they're statistically most likely to enjoy. We also have data on the people who liked each separate item on the list, and have provided a quick list of other films and TV shows that fans of those items also enjoyed.

Once you've burned through every last episode of Stranger Things Season 3, take a look at the offerings on this list and decide which one is most likely to appeal to your unique tastes. You can also check out this sweet infographic we designed to make recommended viewing even easier to find for Stranger Things fans.