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What To Watch If You Love 'The Midnight Gospel'

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Wondering what to watch after The Midnight Gospel? If the bizarre worlds of the series has you hungry for more dimensional travel and philosophic conversations, you're in luck! Since the public fascination with funny animated series is not ceasing any time soon, there are loads of other movies and TV shows like The Midnight Gospel ready for you to start bingeing.

If you’re on the hunt for movies and TV shows similar to The Midnight Gospel, Rick and Morty is a great TV series about a mad scientist and his loyal grandson. Adventure Time is another great show, also from The Midnight Gospel creator Pendleton Ward.

For fans of The Midnight Gospel looking for good movie recommendations, Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus! is an excellent, surreal film that features aliens. Other good movies and shows featured on this list include Cake, Fantastic Planet, and Bravest Warriors.

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  • Adventure Time: Distant Lands (HBO Max, 2020) is the collective name for the television miniseries based on the American animated television series Adventure Time, which was created by Pendleton Ward. The series of one-hour episodes will reunite fans with characters from the original show, which finished its 10-season run on Cartoon Network in 2018....  more
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  • Over the Garden Wall is a lost 1919 silent romantic comedy film produced and distributed by the Vitagraph Company of America. It was directed by David Smith, brother of one of the Vitagraph founders Albert E. Smith. The film stars Bessie Love. At least five short films with this title were filmed before this production....  more
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  • Rick and Morty (Adult Swim, 2013) is an American adult animated science-fiction sitcom created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. Cynical mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his fretful, easily influenced grandson Morty Smith split their time between domestic life and interdimensional adventures....  more
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  • The Shivering Truth
    Photo: The Shivering Truth / Adult Swim
    The Shivering Truth (Adult Swim, 2018) is an American stop-motion animated surrealist dark comedy anthology television series created by Vernon Chatman. The show centers around loosely-linked emotional parables, using small puppets with wire-based armatures....  more
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