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What To Watch If You Love 'Vagrant Queen'

October 14, 2020 492 votes 23 voters54 items

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Wondering what to watch after Vagrant Queen? If the unconventional hero of the series has you hungry for more sci-fi adventure, you're in luck! Since the public fascination with shows based on comics is not ceasing any time soon, there are loads of other movies and TV shows like Vagrant Queen ready for you to start bingeing.

If you’re on the hunt for movies and TV shows similar to Vagrant Queen, The Magicians is a great TV series about facing a deadly foe. Wynonna Earp is another great show, with a female protagonist.

For fans of Vagrant Queen looking for good movie recommendations, Serenity is an excellent film. Other good movies and shows featured on this list include Stargirl, Firefly, and Sunshine.

If you have a favorite movie or TV series like Vagrant Queen on this list, give the project a thumbs up!

  • The Outpost
    Photo: The Outpost / The CW
    The Outpost (The CW, 2018) is a drama television series created by Jason Faller and Kynan Griffin. Talon (Jessica Green), the lone survivor of the Blackbloods, sets off to track her family's killers, and discovers her supernatural powers, which she must learn to harness to achieve her goals....  more
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  • Killjoys
    Photo: Killjoys / Syfy
    Killjoys (Syfy, 2015) is a Canadian space adventure drama series created by Michelle Lovretta. In the Quad, a planetary system a fun loving trio of bounty hunters attempt to remain impartial as they chase warrants....  more
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  • Pandora
    Photo: Pandora / The CW
    Pandora (The CW, 2019) is an American science fiction action television series. Set in the year 2199, a young woman (Priscilla Quintana) who has lost everything finds a new life at Earth's Space Training Academy where she learns to defend the galaxy from intergalactic threats....  more
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  • Wynonna Earp
    Photo: Wynonna Earp / Syfy
    Wynonna Earp (Syfy, 2016) is a Canadian-American supernatural Western horror television series created by Emily Andras, based on the comic book series by Beau Smith. With her unique abilities, and a posse of dysfunctional allies, Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano), Wyatt Earp's great granddaughter, battles demons and brings the paranormal to justice....  more
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