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Vietnam Veterans Describe What It Was Like Coming Back To The States

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Lasting nearly 20 years, the conflict in Vietnam resulted in thousands of United States troops being sent to Southeast Asia to preserve democracy.

The difficulties, hardships, and conditions in Vietnam were only part of the struggles faced by those who fought during the conflict. Vietnam soldiers coming home faced a stigma they didn't understand, much less anticipate, and economic, social, and physical challenges that would last for decades. Vietnam soldiers returning home were met with protests and attacks, spit on and humiliated in the process.

It's difficult to explain what it was like for Vietnam soldiers coming home from an outside perspective. Stories of Vietnam soldiers returning home highlight the complexities of international conflict, but also illustrate the deep divide felt across the American landscape. From apathy to vitriol, here's a cross section of how Vietnam soldiers were received - in the words of the veterans themselves. 

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