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You're Royalty In Ancient Egypt. What Does Your Day-To-Day Life Look Like?

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What was everyday life like for Egyptian royals? In a word: busy. Though they lived in the lap of luxury and enjoyed a standard of living that most other ancient Egyptians didn't, Egyptian royalty generally didn't have much downtime. 

From around 3150 to 30 BC, Egypt was ruled by kings and queens called pharaohs. As supreme heads of a complex kingdom, pharaohs spent their days overseeing the religious, economic, cultural, and political life of Egypt. But pharaohs didn't just have to manage Egypt's affairs - they also had to manage the affairs of their families. The life of the royal family was undeniably political.

What they lacked in personal time, they made up for in privilege. The high, unrivaled status of pharaohs in Egypt meant that they got the best of everything, from fine clothes to the richest cuts of meat. So even though pharaohs kept busy, it was still generally good to be the king.