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What It Was Like To Live In Ancient Rome During Its Golden Age

Ancient Rome was at its apex from the second century BC through the second century AD. During the Pax Romana of the first and second centuries AD, Rome benefited from the expansion of its empire, with vast amounts of wealth and diverse cultural influences flooding into its borders. 

What was Ancient Rome like? It had a little bit of everything. The city of Rome was a bustling urban center full of commoners, animals, and politicians - all running into each other on crowded streets, in public buildings, and at any number of sporting events. Life in Ancient Rome was full of excitement, with plenty of opportunities for entertainment and spectacle contributing to the cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Living in Ancient Rome was not without challenges, however. The life of a Roman citizen depended on social and economic status. Poverty and noise were just two problems that prompted the government to regulate the difficult conditions within the city, with moderate levels of success.

To live in Ancient Rome was like living in any major city, full of pros and cons - but rarely with a dull moment.