Inside 'The General Crisis,' Statistically The Worst Time In History To Be Alive

What was the General Crisis? It was a period of unbelievable global strife, rebellion, death, and revolution that took place over the course of the 17th century. At the time, a succession of dreadful natural, military, and financial disasters inflicted death and destruction on a global scale. As a result of regional warfare, famine, oppressive weather conditions, and financial collapse, the entire globe was restructured in the wake of the Crisis. China, France, England, and the Netherlands all completely restructured their ruling systems, to name just one of its effects. 

For the average person, the General Crisis was a horrible time to be alive. If you didn't die of starvation as a result of the Little Ice Age destroying all of your crops, you might've met your maker on one of the many, many active battlefields of the moment.

The following terrible General Crisis facts illustrate the remarkable depths of the worldwide catastrophe that befell mankind during one of the worst centuries in the history of humanity. If you ever wondered when the worst time in human history was to be alive, look no further than the General Crisis.