Women Reveal What They Really Think About While Going Down On You  

Bryce Chelsea
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Oral sex is something that people of both genders enjoy, but that enjoyment usually comes from receiving it rather than giving it. As such, you typically don’t consider the thoughts going through your partner’s head while they’re working on yours. In an attempt to gather data on this matter, the folks at Reddit posed women the question of what goes through their minds during oral sex.

Maybe she wants more of this and less of that, or maybe she doesn’t want it at all, in which case you should be paying more attention. The real question here is: do girls like giving head? Probably, but only if it’s to someone who can use theirs.

I Hope He Showered Today

I hope he showered today. Yay, he did!

Okay, start out slowly. Do a little of this.

Can he see my tummy rolls from this angle?

Do a little of that. Make a little eye contact.

Where should we go for lunch today? Does he look like he likes this?

Oh, yeah. My clothes are still in the washing machine, I need to move those. Back to this. Now back to that. Now throw in a little of the other thing.

Did I turn off my curling iron?

Oo, he's moaning now. Time to speed up. I feel like I might gag. Gag. Breathe. Back to work. His hips are going, it's almost time! I hope he warns me somehow. There's the warning. The balls! Fondle the balls! And BAM! I am the penis master!

This Isn't Too Bad...

This isn't too bad.

This is actually getting fun!

Now I really wanna have sex.

Oh look, he's enjoying, must be doing something right.

Hmm, I must be kind of good at this!

Ok, it's been a while now...

Stop pulling my hair so hard!

Seriously dude, its been 40 minutes, I'm bored.

Right, ok lets just screw.

Don't Bite Down

"Don't bite down. Don't bite down. Never ever bite down"

And this is what I am thinking.

I Hope He Reciprocates

My thoughts go something like this:

"I hope he reciprocates. I hope this doesn't take long. I wish I remembered my hair clip. At least he's holding my hair back.

Mmm, I like how he's touching me. I can tell he's enjoying this. Mix it up with a little bit of deep throat.

He needs to trim, damn! Um, okay, now he has his finger in my butt. He better not fall asleep after this.

Oh, he's starting to moan a lot. Suck a little bit harder. Return to deep throats. He's shoving my head down, so he better be close. Yep, here we go. He's tensing up.

Cumming... swallow.

Suck for about five more seconds to make sure he's finished, and then I can relax my jaw finally.

Take the finger out of my butt now, thanks. Alright, giving him five minutes, and then it's my turn. Lay down and put my head on his chest and hear his heart beating fast while he mumbles 'Wow. Oh. That was... amazing. Wow.'"