15 Women Reveal The Things They're Tired Of Explaining To Men

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Ladies: vote up the most exhausting things you don't feel like explaining.

Ladies, are you tired of going over the basics? These Redditors are sharing what women wish men understood. If you're a man wondering what women are tired of explaining or a woman who's tired of doing the explaining, read on!

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    Following A Woman Around Will Never Make Her Like You

    From a Redditor:

    Being deliberately followed around IS creepy & will NEVER make me like you

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    Catcalling Is Never Going To Work As Intended

    From Redditor u/sols1to:

    Saying things on the street while girls walk won't make us come to talk to you. It's accosting and uncomfortable. Some guys defend themselves with the idea that they say "compliments" but it doesn't feel good.

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    “I’m Married” Doesn't Mean "Try Harder"

    From Redditor u/Cats_are_happiness_2:

    That “I’m married” does not mean "try harder." It means "go away/stop flirting/I have a husband."

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    Being Nice Isn't Flirting

    From Redditor u/OkamiKhameleon:

    Just because I talk to you, and I happen to always sound chipper/happy, does NOT mean that I want to sleep with you.

    Seriously, I had to stop playing an online game I liked because I kept getting weird guys who'd talk me on the game or on Xbox, and if I went in offline mode, I'd get a bunch of random messages asking where I was. These dudes don't even know what I look like!

    And I've had a similar experience in real life too. Nice to a guy at work? He'll then proceed to follow me around and try to get close and invade my personal space.

    I'm happily married, and trust me if I wanted to sleep with you, I'd tell you. I'm a very direct person when I flirt.

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    Period Pains Are Indescribably Uncomfortable

    From Redditor u/Sad-Ad-2369:

    Period cramps! Plus the tender breasts, the lower back pain, the moodiness, the bloating, the period poops, and just the general discomfort month after month after month for the rest of your life (almost).

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    Periods Can't Be "Held In"

    From Redditor u/AncoraK:

    My ex once asked “why do women need the pads? Why don’t they just hold in the blood til they go to the toilet?” I was shocked. Bear in mind this also came from the same man who loved onion rings until he realised they contained onion as it’s main ingredient.

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