Graveyard Shift

Poll: What Would You Sell Your Soul To The Devil For?

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Vote up the trades worth risking eternal damnation in a place with no AC.

Like illegal drag racing and unprotected sex, all you ever hear about selling your soul are the negatives: in this case, an eternity burning in Hell for swapping Satan your soul in exchange for unlimited Crunchwrap Supremes. But today, dismount from your moral high horse, and consider what your soul really does for you day-to-day. Unless you routinely visit a pulpit or temple, probably nothing. However, Beelzebub definitely sees the worth in your eternal soul and, they say, "Surround yourself with people who recognize your value." In that case, what is your soul worth?

Plenty of famous people sold their souls, most of whom chose wisely. Not only did they swap their crummy souls for spectacular abilities, they also gained a kind of immortality that comes with ditching your soul and getting awesome. If you find yourself lucky, at some point Satan will appear on your left should and teach you how to sell your soul. So you better have something decent in mind or there'll be Hell to pay, but that just goes without saying.

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  • 1

    A Scrooge McDuck Amount Of Money

  • 2

    A Cure For All Diseases

  • 3

    The Ability to Learn Any Language Without Studying

  • 4

    Jedi Mind Powers

  • 5

    The Ability To Eat As Much As You Want And Never Gain Weight

  • 6

    More Time

  • 7

    The Highest IQ In The World

  • 8

    Musical Greatness

  • 9

    Never Having To Pay Taxes Again

  • 10

    To Always Have $20 In Your Wallet

  • 11

    An Immunity To All STDs

  • 12

    A Chance To Relive Your Teens

  • 13

    Cold Hard Vengeance

  • 14

    Free Pizza Forever

  • 15

    A Redo On The 2016 US Election

  • 16

    Washboard Abs

  • 17

    To Never Have To Sleep Again

  • 18

    Instant Popularity When You Walk In A Room

  • 19

    To Never Have Another Hangover

  • 20

    A Lifetime Supply Of Those Jeans You Like

  • 21

    To Age Like Angela Bassett

  • 22

    Better Kissing Abilities

  • 23

    To Have A Theme Song

  • 24

    All 150 Original Pokemon

  • 25

    Infinite Pizza Rolls