All the Most Useful Things You Can Do with Your Phone

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This just in! Smartphones weren't solely invented for selfies, food photos, and Snapchat. We can all agree that smartphones have become quite the 21st century nuisance; everywhere you go, faces look downward and fingers are flying across four square inches of glass screen. But before we all start boycotting public use of smartphones (HA!), let's take a look at some of the coolest, most impressive uses for your smartphone. 

It's true that people get a little carried away with being on their phones. I mean, you're driving to 7-11 to pick up some munchies and next thing you know, you're trolling your ex's Instagram while sitting at a stop light. WHY?! But there are some really intelligent and helpful apps out there. Nowadays, there are entire high school and college courses dedicated to creating apps. Apps are the world wide web of the future, and because they pinpoint specific needs, there's a cool smartphone use out there for everyone. 

Trying to lose weight? My Fitness Pal will count your calories and help create workout plans for you. Been meaning to tune that dusty old banjo for the past two years? Cleartune is a simple and accurate way to do it directly from your phone. So next time you're watching your favorite band at that cool venue and everyone around you is on their phone, don't get annoyed! They're probably doing something really important like checking their blood pressure or reading Moby Dick on their Kindle. 

What are your favorite uses for your smartphone? Vote up your favorites and add any cool things you can do while staring at a screen that you don't see listed here.
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    Listen to Music

    Spotify, Sound Cloud, iTunes, YouTube... the options are endless! 
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    Learn Something New

    Google it, yo!
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    Check the Weather

    Whether you're team Droid or team Apple, you automatically have a weather app on your phone. 
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    Take Pictures

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    Never Get Lost

    The standard Google Maps app will do the job, but it can be a bit of a dud. Waze has gained popularity especially with its attractive and user friendly interface. Not satisfied with either? If Apple's made a believer out of you so far, you'll probably like using Apple Maps
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    Talk to Distant Friends/Relatives

    Using apps like Skype, Facebook, text, or FaceTime to connect.