What Your Favorite Fictional Characters Say About You, According To Science

Everyone has their own favorite fictional character. Whether they are an unassuming hero or a psychopathic antagonist, each character has their own individual personalities that are attractive to certain people. It is the innate differences between the psychological profiles of these characters that allow psychologists to correlate them with the personality traits of fans.

This type of research is not new. The field of psychology has already shown that particular people are much more likely to enjoy certain movies, or how the way they behave can be attributed to their personality traits. Research psychologists can make some staggering observations about you, just from studying the types of things you enjoy.

Your favorite fictional character is no different. A study carried out at Marshall University was able to correlate personality traits and characteristics with famous fictional figures. The data then allowed them to identify what type of people like some characters and dislike others. Are you an open, imaginative darling, or do your psychological tendencies point to something darker?