What Your Handwriting Says About Your Personality

People write things out by hand less and less. However, the specific way an individual writes words and letters can say a lot about him or her.

Graphology is the study of script, and it explains so much about a person's likes and dislikes. There's even some proof that serial killers can be identified by their handwriting. Many people would be surprised to learn that their sloppy signatures indicate a lot more than just laziness. Handwriting can explain personalities, too. 


  • People That Make Small T's Might Be Lazy

    You can cross your T's at either the top of the letter or in the middle. If you cross at the top, you're probably ambitious and optimistic. A middle cross could mean that you're confident and comfortable in your own skin. If your T's have a long cross, you might be determined and a little stubborn. Experts think lazy people tend to prefer shorter crosses.

  • People That Use Large Letters Could Be Very Happy

    People that use large letters are likely to be very jovial and outgoing. Handwriting expert Sheila Lowe says that a bride or groom's mood can be determined by looking at their handwritten wedding invitations. If the hosts are excited, the letters will probably be "on the larger side - larger than medium which is 3 mm high."

  • Introverted People May Use Smaller Letters

    Introverted People May Use Smaller Letters
    Photo: Anna Green Winslow - The Gutenberg Project / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Some people use their handwriting to channel how they feel. Introverts, for example, may use smaller than average script because they don't want to draw undue attention to themselves or their writing. Graphologist Sheila Lowe also suggests unhappy people might prefer smaller letters. She notes, "If you’re feeling sad or contemplative, then the writing tends to get smaller — it’s like you want to disappear."

  • Private People Might Have Sloppy Signatures

    Private People Might Have Sloppy Signatures
    Photo: POP / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

    Doctors tend to have sloppy signatures because they rush a lot. But extremely private people might also have illegible signatures, perhaps, because they subconsciously don't want anyone knowing how to spell their respective names. Alternatively, a confident, outgoing person might have a clear, legible signature. These extroverts may want everyone to recognize their work.

  • People With Large Signatures Could Be Overcompensating

    People With Large Signatures Could Be Overcompensating
    Photo: US Declaration of Independence / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    When you look at the signature on a handwritten document, check to see if the signed name is bigger than the actual text. If so, watch out. One expert notes that those with overly large signatures "project themselves as much more confident than what they feel inside." For instance, John Hancock's famously large signature on the Declaration of Independence is telling. A handwriting analysis might conclude that Hancock signed with large letters because he felt inferior to Thomas Jefferson and others who may have contributed more to the document.

  • Curious People Form Their S's Very Precisely

    Writers who prefer a sharp S tend to have a strong intellectual curiosity. If the letter is more round, the writer is probably quick to compromise and please others. And if a cursive S isn't completely connected, the writer might be unsatisfied with their career.