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'What's Your Number' quotes from the 2011 Anna Faris comedy are definitely hilarious. Faris plays Ally Darling, a single woman who starts to wonder whether she'll ever find true love. Ally decides that tracking down her ex-boyfriends (all 19 of them) might hold the key to her happiness. Did her exes get better with time? Ally's about to find out, with the help of her hot neighbor, Colin (Chris Evans). See a 'What's Your Number' movie quote you absolutely love? Vote it up! And, if you don't see your favorite quote on this list, add it!

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20 Or More

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Jamie: "In America, 96 percent of women who have been with 20 or more lovers can't find a husband."

This quote is from a magazine article the girls are reading. And it sets Ally on her ear, as she realizes she's about to hit that 'magic' number.
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Eliza Doolittle

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Ally: "You can cross Simon off the list."
Colin: "What happened?"
Ally: "My British accent was a little rusty and halfway through darts I started sounding like Eliza Doolitte."

Uptight Brit Simon is one of Ally's exes. One small problem: He thinks she's British too.
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Locked Out

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Ally: "Do you think the woman coming out of your apartment could have helped you with the being locked out problem?"
Colin: "I look at it as trying to avoid her feelings."

Ally's hunky neighbor, Colin (Chris Evans), seems to have some serious commitment issues. Actually, he's a flat-out player, and who better to help Ally understand her own issues, right?
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The Right Guy

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Ally: "How many relationships do I have to have before I meet the right guy?"

Apparently, at least 19.
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