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People Share What's Terrifying In Adulthood That Didn't Bother Them In Childhood

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The responsibilites of adulthood can be magical yet frightening. Sure you have freedom, your own money, and personal space. But you also have bills to pay, home repairs to make, and the fear of your own impending mortality to deal with. People on Reddit are sharing the situations that never bothered them during childhood but now keep them up at night in adulthood. 

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    The Fear Of Financial Emergencies

    From Reddit u/zoruaking:

    Financial emergency.

    100% when you're a kid, you don’t think about things like this. You could be off of work due to injury for two months and lose everything you worked hard for, even if you were doing everything right financially.

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    The Fear Of Losing Your Mind

    From Reddit u/SunriseSurprize:

    Losing my mind. My grandfather had dementia and my grandmother had Alzheimer's, they both went through their respective illnesses at the exact same time, and to watch them slowly lose themselves was so depressing.

    I'm not too worried about what happens to my body, I just dont want to lose my mind, I dont want to forget.

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    The Fear Of Understanding Your Parent's Mortality

    From Reddit u/zerbey:

    As a kid, you think they're immortal. Now, as my parents are getting into their mid 70s, I worry all the time about their health. Every time they go to the doctor's, you get the anxiety of wondering if it's something serious.

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    The Fear Of Jumping Off Anything Too High

    From Reddit u/lilotug:

    Jumping down from a height greater than a few feet. As a kid, I could jump off a roof and roll with it, nowadays if I land funny, I fear I’ll be paralyzed for life.

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