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People Share What's Terrifying In Adulthood That Didn't Bother Them In Childhood

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The responsibilites of adulthood can be magical yet frightening. Sure you have freedom, your own money, and personal space. But you also have bills to pay, home repairs to make, and the fear of your own impending mortality to deal with. People on Reddit are sharing the situations that never bothered them during childhood but now keep them up at night in adulthood. 

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    The Fear Of Unemployment

    From Reddit u/delmar42:

    Losing my job, since obviously I didn't have (or need) a job as a kid to keep a roof over my head and food on the table. I've been laid off twice (once just before Christmas, so now I dislike Christmas).

    I've quit a job once when my company was being taken over (I was a contractor, and usually those are the first to go in a merger), and I quit another time when my manager was a raging b*tch/perfectionist helicopter boss and the writing was on the board. I'm in a great job right now (the best I've ever had), and just survived a layoff round. I keep waiting for the luck with this job to wear off, and I'm looking yet again.

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    The Fear Of Losing Your Teeth

    From Reddit u/oac_bee:

    A tooth falling out. As a kid it was gross, funny, and painful all at once. As an adult, horrifying.

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    The Fear Of Never Having Enough Time

    From Reddit u/xcelllz:

    Lack of time. As a kid, felt like I had all the time in the world. As an adult, I feel like I have no time to do anything other than work.

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    The Fear Of Head Injuries

    From Reddit u/GeekAesthete:

    Head injuries.

    As a kid, I thought broken bones were the big thing to worry about, because I could visualize what that was; I had no sense for the severity of brain injuries. As an adult, protecting my noggin is my number one injury concern, because the human machine don't work with a damaged processor.

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