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A Mysterious YouTuber Named Poppy Is Confusing And Mesmerizing The Internet With Her Unnerving Video

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There are a lot of weird YouTube celebrities producing a lot of weird YouTube videos, but Poppy might be the creepiest of them all. The YouTube musician is a downright mystery. She releases videos that are often haunting, and many fans fear for her safety and mental stability.

She's a pop singer with millions of views on her music videos, but there's a lot of speculation about where she came from and what her true intentions are. Some even believe Poppy and her collaborator, Titanic Sinclair, are cult leaders, but they deny those accusations. They simply consider themselves to be innovative. 

Is Poppy enigmatic or just plain creepy? Decide for yourself.

  • Everyone Wants To Know About Poppy

    Photo: Poppy / YouTube

    The mysterious sensation with an incredibly soft voice appears almost entirely in character, even in interviews. She doesn't reveal much about who she really is, but she's definitely a gifted singer. She has a California-based music manager, a UK-based press contact, and booking agents in Los Angeles, Europe, and Africa.

    Although she identifies as a pop artist and does make music videos, Poppy also releases a lot of YouTube videos that aren't musical at all. They're austere or ironic. She interacts with talking mannequinsinterviews basil plants, and shows everyone what a dog looks like.

  • This Video Of Poppy Repeating Her Name For 10 Minutes Is Inexplicably Difficult To Stop Watching

    Video: YouTube
  • Poppy's Real Identity Actually Isn't A Secret

    Although Poppy acts as though she's uncertain about the nature of her existence and said her name "descended from the heavens," we know that isn't true. She has now done many interviews, deflating some of the mysterious aura and poking holes in the elaborate theories she's inspired about her. 

    Poppy's real name is Moriah Pereira and she was born in the Boston, MA area in 1995. When she was 13, she and her family relocated to Nashville, TN. She teamed up with artist and musician Titanic Sinclair when she moved to Los Angeles, CA. 

  • Poppy Had A Relatively Normal Childhood

    In addition to being a mere mortal, Poppy seems to have had a pretty typical childhood. During an interview with YSBnow that has since been removed, she said she was a "quiet" and "nerdy" adolescent and was often bullied while growing up in Boston.

    Her father was a drummer in a punk band and her brother is also a musician, but she found lots of inspiration in female-fronted rock bands like Blondie and No Doubt. When she moved to Nashville, she met friends who wrote songs, and she began developing her voice.