People Are Sharing Times When A First Date Ended Almost Immediately

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First dates have the potential to spark a beautiful connection between two people. They also have the potential to go horribly wrong. Reddit user u/Itz_Syth asked: "You have five seconds to ruin a date, what do you do?" and the responses had us waving for the check.

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    Two Packs of Pork Rinds

    From Reddit user u/Reave1905:

    My sister told me about a quiet pub date she had with a guy recently who bought himself 2 packs of pork scratchings. He opened both bags and separated them by most crunchy to least crunchy and then would pick 2 up at a time and ask her which one he should eat next. He did this for the whole date.

    They didn't have a second date.

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    Having A Paper Checklist

    From Reddit user u/sqqueen:

    While gazing at a 2-page 10-point font checklist.

    Reddit user u/TheGratePumpkin replied:

    That happened to me. I was in my 30s. She had a checklist. An actual paper checklist, and a pen where she scored my answers on a 10 point scale.

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    A Lock Of Hair

    From Reddit user u/LydiaAgain:

    One time a guy leaned over and deeply smelled a lock of my hair within the first couple minutes of our meeting for the first time. I made up an excuse and left.

    Reddit user u/OrangeCreeper replied:

    Nope nope nope nope nope nope.

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    Forgetting Their Wallet

    From Reddit user u/frenchkids:

    ....I forgot my wallet...can you pay for dinner? Actually happened to me, guy had the balls to order some very expensive items. I had a salad to temper the damage.

    I figured it was his lucky day. Never talked to him again. Bon apetite!

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    Showing Up For Them To Leave

    From Reddit user u/EerieArizona:

    Show up.

    Reddit user u/ddmf replied:

    Haha, so true - I met this girl the other week, we sat down and chatted for about 3 minutes when she suddenly stood up, declared she was off home, and left in her car.

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    Mentioning How Soon They Want Kids

    From Reddit user u/chubbychunky85:

    Best one that happened to me... girl showed up to the first date and stated she wanted 5 kids with the first in 11 months, before we even got seated. It was over before it started.

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