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True Stories When Boobs Attack! 7 Stories of Deadly Breasts  

Rachel Stewart
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From an Israeli model who got bit by a snake and killed it with the poison in her fake bitches to a guy who tried to kill his mom to buy breast implants for his girlfriend, here are the craziest times that a pair of bitches has ever been deadly leading to tragedy, near-death experiences or murder.

Snake Dies of Silicone Poisoning

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At a recent photo shoot in Tel Aviv, Israeli model Orit Fox, whose last name is kind of a lie, got a little too friendly with a snake (an actual snake.)

Fox was comfortable with the animal throughout the shoot, wrapping it around her neck, back and legs, but as soon as the Z-list personality went in the for the kiss, the snake reacted badly.

Why? Well, because it's a motherf*cking snake. It's obviously got ONE famous mode of communication -- its tongue. So why the hell would you stick your tongue out at it? You have NO IDEA what you're saying in snake. You could be insulting its mother, or maybe even possibly its tooth-length (you don't know what's insulting to snakes.)

Well, clearly the woman said something along the lines of a holocaust joke to the snake and it went in for a huge bite of her new insensitive enemy by biting her on the breast as hard as it could.

Being a model for a living, she has fake boobs and when the snake went in for the kill, it unleashed poison from her implants in the form of silicone. The snake had been poisoned by something inside a blonde model with fake breasts, just like a lot of us, but unfortunately for the very-offended snake, it didn't live to deal with the Carmex and died of silicone poisoning.

Or so goes the headline. Animal experts have contended that snakes cannot die of silicone poisoning, but several online publications beg to differ.

German Porn Star "Sexy Cora" Dies after Botched Boob Job

As much as I want to make fun of this, it's actually really sad, so get your tissues out (to cry.)

According to, German porn star "Sexy Cora" fell into a coma during her breast augmentation surgery to go from a 34F to a 34 G (for Glorious) and died just nine days later.

According to Sky News, "She went under the knife for the last time at the Alster Clinic and was having 800g (28oz) of silicone injected into each breast. But her heart stopped beating during the operation. She suffered brain damage and was put into an induced coma."

The doctors who performed the procedure are being charged with negligent manslaughter.

Sexy Cora had previously gone in for five surgeries at another hospital in Poland, but when they refused to see her a sixth time she resorted to look for whoever else would take her. And like this poor girl (an 18 year old high school student who died of a boob job) she had


Teen Hires Men to Kill Mother for Money for His Girlfriend's Boob Job

Nikita Lee Weis is a boob guy. You can tell.

This particular boob guy happened to be low on rent money and wanted his cute Asian girlfriend to also have a boob job. This was extremely important to him. So important, in fact, that he decided to hire some thugs to kill his mother so he could sell her car and liquidate her assets in order to buy his girlfriend said boob job.

When the two people he hired (who really must've been about as smart as The Sticky Bandits -- the bandits from Home Alone) attacked her with small baseball bats, the mother was able to hit the panic button on her car alarm and run to a nearby neighbor's house like most people in horror movies should do.

They were all later caught, including the unfortunately-still-relatively-flat-chested girlfriend who apparently didn't have a problem with any of this.

So although boobs didn't technically "kill" in this entry, they almost did and like many near-death entries on this list, that's all that matters.


Man Kills Stranger Because Girlfriend Falsely Claimed He Touched Her Breasts

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Guys really will kill for boobs. This is no longer hyperbole, it is a fact.

Take teenager Lee Swales who was walking home with his drunk, s**tty, ridiculous idiot of a girlfriend one night when she decided, for no reason, to claim that the man passing them was one who touched her breasts earlier that night.

Like any rational dude, Lee Swales came to his lady's rescue by approaching the guy and punching him in the face. Little did Swales know that the man he punched in the face would coincidentally fall right onto the corner of a sidewalk and suffer massive head injury which would then lead to his death in just a few days.

He killed him with a single punch.

Needless to say this was an accident, so the guy got off with only 30 months in jail as the judge did consider that one punch really does not equal intent to kill, but that he should not have done it anyway.

Either way, what did this girl's boobs look like in order for them to be worth killing a guy over touching them? Sources say that they're most likely akin to that of a unicorn's tears, which can heal any ailment and grant eternal youth, as this would be the only reasonable way someone would kill for boobs.

And now, embedded to lighten the mood, Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney with "The Girl is Mine"... take it away, boys.