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People Reveal When Their 'Something Is Very Wrong Here' Feelings Turned Out To Be True

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No one needs telepathy or an advanced version of spidey senses to notice when something about a situation is not quite right. More often than not, a person's gut instincts prove to be correct when navigating nefarious scenarios, even if those scenarios initially appear to be harmless.

Something as normal as a walk home or a trip to the airport could take a sinister turn but paying attention to those internal feelings can prove beneficial. Some Reddit users even managed to sense the deaths of their loved ones and/or the nefarious intentions of seemingly benevolent strangers. Some could even tell when they were being watched.

All of these people managed to share their stories because they listened to their gut feelings, so maybe next time if your gut warns you not to eat from the shady kiosk in an airport terminal, you should listen. 

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