Graveyard Shift People Reveal When Their 'Something Is Very Wrong Here' Feelings Turned Out To Be True  

Mick Jacobs
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No one needs telepathy or an advanced version of spidey senses to notice when something about a situation is not quite right. More often than not, a person's gut instincts prove to be correct when navigating nefarious scenarios, even if those scenarios initially appear to be harmless.

Something as normal as a walk home or a trip to the airport could take a sinister turn but paying attention to those internal feelings can prove beneficial. Some Reddit users even managed to sense the deaths of their loved ones and/or the nefarious intentions of seemingly benevolent strangers. Some could even tell when they were being watched.

All of these people managed to share their stories because they listened to their gut feelings, so maybe next time if your gut warns you not to eat from the shady kiosk in an airport terminal, you should listen. 

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This Couple Could've Discovered A Killer Surprise

From Redditor /u/rwbingham:

It was near Halloween time when my friends and I were telling ghost stories. My friend said she was going to tell a story about her parents' first date. She said she didn't like telling the story since it was actually true, but we prodded her on.

To cut to the chase, the parents had spent a nice, if awkward first date, and around the time that they would have said "good night," the male in the situation - my friend's dad - suggested that they go for a midnight hike up Provo Canyon. He apparently knew the place, since he had done a fair amount of rock climbing in the area. So the two drove up the mouth of the canyon, got out of their cars, and started hiking under just the light of the stars, since it was a new moon.

At some point, he started getting a "bad feeling"... because it was getting to be quite late. He ignored the feeling and pressed on. In later rehearsings of the story, the woman would say that she felt the same feeling at what was probably the same time, though she didn't know the trail like he did. A minute later, the feeling came back to him. He ignored it again, and started walking a bit of the way into the trees when his foot hit something "soft" in the middle of the path. Under the trees, it was too dark to see just what this soft thing was, and the feeling came back stronger than ever. Instead of finding out what his foot had bumped into, he and the woman both agreed to hightail it out of there...

Years later, after being married for some time, they were watching an interview with the serial killer, Ted Bundy. In response to a question asking him to describe the time that he felt the closest to being caught, he explained about the night that he lured a girl into Provo Canyon, and had just killed her when he heard some people coming up the trail. He explained how he hid in the trees just in time, only to watch some guy walk right into the body, and for some reason, just turn around and walk away.

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She Knew He Was Following Her

From Redditor /u/MissPredicament:

Got off the subway at night; there was one other person about half a block behind me on my route home. This is a totally normal thing, has happened thousands of times. Totally normal-looking dude, not even following me closely. I had a bad feeling. 

Such a bad feeling that when I turned the corner on my way home, I broke into a dead sprint and hid behind a dumpster in the shadows partway down the street. By the time he came around the corner, I was well hidden, and could see him from my hiding place. As soon as I saw his reaction to the fact that I wasn't there, I knew I had been right to hide. He started looking for me, muttering to himself as he went up and down the street, looking around corners. I hid and held my breath until he was gone. It was terrifying. I am so glad I had that sudden, inexplicable impulse to hide, and listened to it.

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This Girl Was More Than Just 'Too Drunk'

From Redditor /u/gmoney5786:

When I was in university I was walking home from the bars in the Byward Market in Ottawa with my roommate at the time. It was about 2:30 am and we were looking forward to getting home and ordering some pizza when we came across two guys and a very drunk girl. Initially we didn't think anything about it because it was a pretty common sight on a Friday, but as we walked behind them for a few minutes we noticed how out of it she was. One of the guys was essentially carrying her, and her clutch was loosely dangling from her limp wrist.

Our street came up, but instead of turning down it we decided to see what was going on. The guys explained that she was one of their girlfriends and had too much to drink so they were taking her home. We asked them a few more questions: what bar they were at, where she lived, if she was an Ottawa U student etc. They gave pretty convincing answers but all the same seemed really uncomfortable and wanted us to go away.

During the conversation the guy holding his "girlfriend" shifted her position to get a better grip, which caused her arm to dangle down and drop her clutch. Before they could move, my roommate grabbed the clutch and took out her ID. My roommate then asked if they knew her first and last name along with her birthday. This is where things changed. The other guy got really aggressive and confrontational while the other went silent. They didn't know her name or birthday. I then pulled out my phone and called police. The guy dropped her and they took off running. We waited with her for about ten minutes until the police and EMS got there. We gave a statement but did not have much to go on other than their descriptions. Police told us they suspected she had been dosed, and that she was lucky we happened to be walking behind her. Pretty scary stuff.

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Mother Knew Best

From Redditor /u/MuttsAndMalarky:

Not me but my mom. When I was about 10 years old I got invited to spend the night at my really good friend's home. My mom said no. I begged her to let me go but she was adamant that I couldn't. She said she just didn't feel right about it and that no amount of pleading was going to change her mind.

A few weeks later my friend's dad was arrested for child pornography. After he went to trial it was found that he had also molested several young girls. He would have his daughter invite them over for a slumber party and then touch them when they went to sleep. If my mom hadn't trusted her gut feeling I could have been one of his victims.

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