Graveyard Shift People Reveal When Their "Something Is Very Wrong Here" Feelings Turned Out To Be True  

Mick Jacobs
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No one needs telepathy or an advanced version of spidey senses to notice when something about a situation is not quite right. More often than not, a person's gut instincts prove to be correct when navigating nefarious scenarios, even if those scenarios initially appear to be harmless.

Something as normal as a walk home or a trip to the airport could take a sinister turn but paying attention to those internal feelings can prove beneficial. Some Reddit users even managed to sense the deaths of their loved ones and/or the nefarious intentions of seemingly benevolent strangers. Some could even tell when they were being watched.

All of these people managed to share their stories because they listened to their gut feelings, so maybe next time if your gut warns you not to eat from the shady kiosk in an airport terminal, you should listen. 

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This Couple Could've Discovered A Killer Surprise

From rwbingham:

"It was near Halloween time when my friends and I were telling ghost stories. My friend said she was going to tell a story about her parents' first date. She said she didn't like telling the story since it was actually true, but we prodded her on.

"To cut to the chase, the parents had spent a nice, if awkward first date, and around the time that they would have said 'good night,' the male in the situation - my friend's dad - suggested that they go for a midnight hike up Provo Canyon. He apparently knew the place, since he had done a fair amount of rock climbing in the area. So the two drove up the mouth of the canyon, got out of their cars, and started hiking under just the light of the stars since it was a new moon.

"At some point, he started getting a bad feeling... because it was getting to be quite late. He ignored the feeling and pressed on. In later [rehearsing] of the story, the woman would say that she felt the same feeling at what was probably the same time, though she didn't know the trail like he did. A minute later, the feeling came back to him. He ignored it again, and started walking a bit of the way into the trees when his foot hit something soft in the middle of the path. Under the trees, it was too dark to see just what this soft thing was, and the feeling came back stronger than ever. Instead of finding out what his foot had bumped into, he and the woman both agreed to hightail it out of there...

"Years later, after being married for some time, they were watching an interview with the serial killer Ted Bundy. In response to a question asking him to describe the time that he felt the closest to being caught, he explained about the night that he lured a girl into Provo Canyon, and had just killed her when he heard some people coming up the trail. He explained how he hid in the trees just in time, only to watch some guy walk right into the body, and for some reason, just turn around and walk away."

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Dark Alleys Should Always Be Avoided

From absenttoast:

"It's kind of hard to describe but I live next to a 24-hour grocery store that's by itself in a big parking lot. I walk up a side alley and turn to the left to get to the front entrance.

"One night at 5 AM I walked over to it to get something. When I came back out of the store there was an old man waiting at a bus stop right out front next to the alley I had come from. For some reason I immediately felt weird and did not want to walk by him, at all. So I walked back into the grocery store. I waited ten minutes before I decided to walk back anyway, thinking I was being silly. The man was gone.

"But I still felt really weird. That's when I remembered that the bus doesn't run for two hours. And since he never went into the grocery store I couldn't think of a single reason why he would have been waiting there. I just kept thinking he was waiting for me and even though he was gone I knew I could not walk back the way I came. Instead I walked in the opposite direction and up a hill before crossing over. When I looked down I could see in the alley I would have walked down. The man was hiding there, leaning against the wall, waiting for me. I now only go to that store during daylight."

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Sadie Was A Good Dog

From thyme_of_my_life:

"This was about 15 years ago. My parents went out for a nice dinner for their anniversary and decided that I was old enough and responsible enough to be left alone for a few hours on a weeknight. I was almost nine and we owned a fairly protective dog at the time so it all seemed fine.

"They leave, tell me to lock up, and to call if anything happens. I do so and proceed to party around the house like a rockstar, cause dude I had the whole dang house myself and I could do whatever I wanted. Hell to the yeah!

"Halfway through a Sailor Moon marathon, I get a knock on the door. I'm confused as all get out cause it's only been about two hours and they said they probably wouldn't be back till around 10 anyway. I guess mama has left something she needed again and swung by to grab it.

"My front door is a system of two doors, a super old, thick wooden door... [and] a screen door. My dog is raising hell at the front door, but I just pull her back to calm down because she had a tendency to be reactive to most noises.

"Welp, it's not my mom at the door but some middle-aged man I've never met before in my life. Puppo is now basically feral so I keep the screen door firmly closed and a hand on her collar as I ask the man what he wants. He starts in on this weird convoluted story about how he has two young twin daughters and how they got into a fight and that one of them ran away.

"Now this man then claims that he believes his daughter is hiding in my house and would like to come look for her. I tell him no such girl is here and why does he think she would be here in the first place. He goes on into a long story about how this was the house they first lived in and how it's the one she was born in, and how it was like a safe place for her and would be the most likely place she would run away to as it was really the only other place she knows.

"So I felt kinda weird since I opened the door, and this dude's story hasn't been helping his cause, but now I know something sh*tty is going down. I, in no uncertain terms, inform the guy that he must have the wrong house because this house was built and has been lived in by my family since it's construction. My dad was born in that house and after my mom and dad told [my grandparents] that they were pregnant with my older sister they gave it to them... Hell, there were pictures... of my dad and uncle playing in the front yard in the late '70s.

"By now my dog is growling like crazy and dude is getting kinda agitated. He insists that I don't know what I'm talking about and that if I would just give him a few minutes to search for his daughter he could be on his way.

"The latch on the screen door is broken and I am putting all my strength at the time in holding my dog from the door. He opens the screen door with one hand and with the other reaches for my closest arm.

"My crazy cocker goes f*cking ballistic! Uses all her strength to lunge at him, gets a hold of his hand, and bites down. Now man is yelling and confused. He pushes back against the screen door and slams it shut to get my dog off of him. Sadie gets pushed back indoors but is still raging. I quickly slam the front door, lock it, and chain it shut. [I] run around the house and make sure all other doors and windows are locked and then hunker down in the bathroom hyperventilating and wait about 15 min till Sadie's growling has calmed some. Check outside, no man or his car. Both long gone.

"I call my parents and tell them they need to come home RIGHT NOW PLEASE. When they get home I recount the whole story. Dad goes [to] check the front door and sure enough on the screen door jam and siding of the house is a large smear of blood.

"Sadie was treated like a queen and got a whole steak for her to eat on that weekend."

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She Knew He Was Following Her

From MissPredicament:

"Got off the subway at night; there was one other person about half-a-block behind me on my route home. This is a totally normal thing, has happened thousands of times. Totally normal-looking dude, not even following me closely. I had a bad feeling. 

"Such a bad feeling that when I turned the corner on my way home, I broke into a dead sprint and hid behind a dumpster in the shadows partway down the street. By the time he came around the corner, I was well hidden, and could see him from my hiding place. As soon as I saw his reaction to the fact that I wasn't there, I knew I had been right to hide. He started looking for me, muttering to himself as he went up and down the street, looking around corners. I hid and held my breath until he was gone. It was terrifying. I am so glad I had that sudden, inexplicable impulse to hide, and listened to it."

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