17 TV Shows That Prove '90s MTV Was The Best MTV

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Believe it or not, back in the day, MTV used to be awesome. Like, old-school MTV. And not in the snobby, "Oh, you mean when they actually played music?" type of way. Sure, music videos are cool and all, but MTV actually had a ton of really solid programming from the '90s to the turn of the century. 

MTV used to be a mecca of music videos featuring the best '90s albums and songs, but it slowly began to transition to an era of shows. From Daria and Beavis and Butthead to some of the earlier reality TV shows like The Real World, MTV's lineup was pretty awesome. It was during this phase where MTV became a pioneer of pop culture that explored serious social issues and launched the careers of icons. 

But then came their weird, trashy reality TV phase, which often leaves a bitter taste in your mouth as you watch the worst mothers in Teen Mom mess up their children's lives. Travel back into the past as you read this list, remembering when old-school MTV had some of the best entertainment. Vote up the best MTV shows from back in the day!

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