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The Creepiest "When You See It" Pictures Ever

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What are these pictures all about, you might ask? When you see it, you will know. Do you like scaring yourself silly? Did your childhood include endlessly leafing through the pages of I Spy books? If so, challenge yourself to locate all of the creepy shenanigans going on in these seemingly normal when you see it pictures. It’s as entertaining as it is challenging to spotlight the freakiness in these hidden photos, so get to work!

When You See It meme pics have taken the Internet by storm. If you love a dirty joke as much as you love a good scare, you’ll also want to read through our other List of Photos That Look Dirty (but aren’t). Or if you’re simply a lover of good ol’ optical illusions, check out this list of 50+ Pictures That Will Mess With Your Mind.

But before you head off on your Internet quest when you see it pics, be sure to let us know which photos you found the freakiest by voting up the creepiest when you see it photos below.

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    An Ominous Hallway Leads to Two Bedrooms

    Photo: flickr / CC0
    When you see it: You'll find a set of illuminated eyeballs peering out of the door on the far left.
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    A Well-Lit Sitting Room

    Photo: Pinterest
    When you see it: You'll see an inquisitive face chillin' under the throw pillow in the left foreground of this photo. Where's the body?!
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    A Girl Poses for a Picture in the Park After Dark

    Photo: Pinterest
    When you see it: You'll see a mysterious person standing by a pole at the top left of the shot. 
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    Girl in Tank Top Takes a Selfie While Driving

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
    When you see it: There's a grown man pressed against the rear window photobombing this girl's driving selfie. Looks dangerous.
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