WATCH Gruesome And Disgusting Things That Would Happen If Your Body Gets Microwaved  

Mick Jacobs

From peeps to metal spoons, all sorts of objects get thrown into microwaves just to see what might happen. But the video below explores what would happen if you put something quite close to home in the microwave: your own body.

Thankfully, such occurrences don't happen very often, because if they did, they would create some rather gruesome messes. For one thing, the first thing to go would be your eyes, which would explode.

The rest of your insides would also start to cook first, so your body basically dies from the inside out. If you manage to somehow escape, you might spend the rest of your life suffering from "massive bowel adhesions," which sound just as bad as you think they do.

Watch below to figure out just how horrible it would be to go by way of microwave. After watching, you might just find yourself apologize to every slice of leftover pizza you throw into it.