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100% Accurate "When Your Cat" Pictures

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Though dog lovers may sometimes claim that cats are less expressive than their own perpetually ecstatic friends, anyone who has ever been lucky enough to share their home with a feline knows that cats always let you know exactly how they feel. That being said, there isn't anything quite as funny as funny cat reactions. Kitties just have a certain way of responding to loud noises, other animals, and cardboard boxes that that just seems like they were tailor made for the Internet. As you’ll see from the following cat reaction photos, most cats have little to no problem expressing themselves.

Here you’ll find a collection of hysterical “when your cat” pictures that cat owners all around the world can relate too. Be sure to vote up the pictures that best represent these all too common cat reactions that you've likely experienced in your own life!

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    When Your Cat Prefers the Trash to the Treasure

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    When You Forget That Your Cat Is the Center of Your Attention

    Photo: flickr / CC0
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    When Your Cat Suspects You of Petting Another Creature

    Photo: flickr / CC0
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    When Your Cat Gives You the Cold Shoulder

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