What Disgraced Politicians Did After Their Falls From Grace

If you're a politician who has recently experienced a major scandal, it can be hard to recover, but it's not necessarily impossible. Ever wonder where disgraced politicians are now

Politicians can wreck their careers in many ways. Anthony Weiner and Mark Foley each had sexting scandals. Larry Craig condemned homosexuality, yet was caught trying to hook up with guys in a men's room. Marion Barry and Rob Ford were both caught on video doing crack. Yet all of them had some success after their falls from grace. Even the mastermind behind Watergate went on to have a successful career in TV and radio. For the most part, no matter what the scandal is, though, people are willing to dole out a second chance.

So if you want to know what disgraced politicians did after politics, keep on reading. From writing books to running ice cream shops, all these disgraced politicians managed to stay active, reclaiming what little grace they could after their shocking tumbles out of the political arena.