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What Ever Happened To All The Kids From The Sandlot?

Updated 20 Apr 2020 97.3k views18 items

The life of a child actor isn't easy. Even if they achieve fame as a kid, they often struggle to transition to more mature roles once they hit puberty. That seems to be true of the careers of the kids from The Sandlot; many of them more or less faded from the spotlight after the movie. Still, a couple of former Sandlot actors made it through their rough patches and are still working in the industry today.

Where are the kids from The Sandlot now? You've likely seen some of them on your screen. Tom Guiry (Scotty Smalls) gets regular work, and Chauncey Leopardi (Squints) had a recurring role on Gilmore Girls. But others were out of the biz by the turn of the century, and it seems some adjusted better to that reality than others. You may be surprised by how many of them have had charges brought against them - or maybe you won't be.

Chances are, you'll be a little depressed after finding out what happened to the kids from The Sandlot. Hopefully, their stories won't tarnish your youthful memories of the movie that made them famous.

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