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Here's What The OG Power Rangers Stars Have Been Doing For The Past Two Decades

Back in the '90s, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was the biggest kids series to hit television. Mixing action, humor, and lots of rubber monsters, the show has cemented itself as a piece of pop culture history. Who doesn’t know the names of all five original Rangers or the catchphrase, “It’s morphin’ time!”? Everyone had their favorite Ranger, which was usually the one they identified with the most. 

But whatever happened to the stars in the cast of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? Where are they now? Did any of them make it big or was Power Rangers their only significant gig? For years, several of the actors were hard to track down, but thanks to the power of social media and comic conventions, fans know exactly where all of the Power Rangers actors ended up. 

  • Johnson left Power Rangers during its third season, but the split was amicable, with a planned return in Turbo: A Power Rangers movie agreed on before hand. She’s since appeared in everything on TV from Felicity and Wildfire to Flashpoint. She’s also become a director, helming several of her own films that she funded through Indiegogo. Johnson returned to the franchise with a cameo in the recent big budget Power Rangers movie.

  • Photo: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers / Fox Kids

    The original yellow Ranger actress left the show in the same dispute as Austin St. John and Walter Jones. She appeared in a few movies, including The Crow: City of Angels before she was tragically killed in a car crash in 2001. Many of her Power Rangers co-stars attended the funeral. The Power Rangers Time Force episode, "Circuit Unsure," was dedicated to Trang’s memory.

  • The bumbling bully of the Power Rangers team stayed with the series until the very beginning of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. He later made cameos appearances in both the Wild Force episode, "Forever Red," and the finale of Power Rangers Super Samurai. He also appeared as the voice of the motorcycle Combat Chopper in Saban’s Masked Rider. As of July, 2017, Narvy is a professor in the Theater Department at Concordia University in Chicago. 

  • Paul Schrier

    Photo: Fox Kids / Flickr

    Currently the longest serving actor in the Power Rangers franchise, Schrier appeared until the very end of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. He further made a cameo appearance in the team up episode "Forever Red," and returned full time in both Power Rangers Samurai and Power Rangers Super Samurai as Bulk. Schrier currently plays in the band Ice Cream Truckers and is an accomplished artist. Schrier regularly appears with Narvy at comic conventions and their panels are a comedic tour de force.