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What Happened To All Of The Villains From MTV's The Real World?

Updated September 23, 2021 111.1k views14 items

What happens when regular people who have been documented in a reality show have to integrate back into society? How do they function in a post-reality-show world? To find out, let's follow up on the worst housemates on Real World and see where they are now. The people on Real World were famous for throwing punches, causing drama, and generally being *ssholes. Since their time on the show eneded, these non-professional actors have had to make their way in the, well, real world – a place where they aren't encouraged by producers to throw down and bitch each other out.

Some have gone on to have illustrious careers in politics, as chefs or as magazine editors. Others have returned to the welcoming embrace of the best original MTV shows and franchises. So where are the most notorious people from Real World now? Read on below to find out.