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How One Of Spider-Man's Gnarliest '90s Villains Became An Ally

One of Spider-Man’s most infamous villains, Venom, now has a franchise of his own, thanks to Tom Hardy taking on the role and turning his eponymous 2018 feature into a global hit. It wasn't the symbiote's first appearance on the silver screen, but it is the one that seems to have firmly established him as a top-tier character. But what's the full story with the black-goo-covered anti-hero? 

Venom's origin is bizarre and convoluted, stretching from a real-life Marvel contest to the comic company's legendary Secret Wars crossover, before becoming a story involving aliens and a serial killer. It's a wild storyline, even by comic book standards, but worth investigating before seeing the new movie.

Venom spent years terrorizing Spider-Man, but how did he eventually become an ally and hero?