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Where Do Royals From Around The Globe Actually Live?

Many kings and queens from around the world own and maintain numerous properties, but where royals actually choose to live says a lot about them and how they view their roles.

When you think about royalty and where they spend their time, your mind may conjure up images of rooms decorated with gold, marble, and glass. For the most part, you're right. Royal palaces and castles from around the globe confirm the connection between luxury and royalty. But not all royal homes are the same.

Several of the wealthiest, most powerful, and most beloved monarchs live and work in official residences, while others choose to inhabit royal homes that are much more modest or secluded. Royals often live in homes that reflect the culture and traditions of their people and their land. Sometimes, kings and queens don't have a choice and must live at a location determined for them. Even in these instances, though, it's pretty clear - it's good to be king or queen.