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All the Places the President Could Be Sent in the Event of an Apocalypse

Updated 12 Nov 2018 82.9k views10 items

Imagine it's doomsday (as one does). As you cower in fear beneath your dining room table, waiting for the inevitable thermonuclear blast or deluge of chemical or biological weaponry, you might wonder, "where does the president go in the apocalypse?" Rest assured, he (or she, maybe?) is in a much better position than you. Chances are, POTUS is at an undisclosed location with hundreds of feet of steel, concrete, and earth standing between him (or her?) and the end of days. Or maybe s/he's flying high above the fracas in a mobile fortress, complete with fighter jet escort.

And it's not just the president who's hiding out in some awesome secret place. Other top officials are whisked away to equally well fortified secret locales.

So where does the president go during an attack? Continuity of government plans are intricate and well rehearsed. While most of the president's bunkers are top secret, these declassified ones were once key presidential hiding spots. They give you a pretty good idea of the size, scope, and secrecy involved in a presidential bunker. A few of them are even still in use, at least on the record.

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