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The Best Places to Find eBook Downloads

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Where to find eBook downloads may be the first question asked by someone with a new eBook reader like a Kindle, a Barnes & Noble Nook or an iPad. Luckily for them, finding eBook download sites is very simple as these sites are prevalent around the Internet. From the official eBook stores that offer the New York Times best sellers for a nominal fee to the lesser-known websites that provide free eBooks for download, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Many of the most popular eBook readers like the Kindle, the iPad and the Nook allow users to connect directly to the respective eBook stores of their manufacturers. For readers looking for the hot new release or more-recent books, a quick visit to the Kindle Store, Barnes & Noble Nook Bookstore, Apple iBookstore or Sony Reader Store is often the most convenient way to find a great new read.

For others, price may be a factor when choosing an eBook to download which is why numerous websites that offer free eBook downloads exist. Project Gutenberg was one of the first websites to begin collecting eBooks for users to download for free and has since grown to become one of the best websites for free eBook downloads.

Similarly, just like how brick-and-mortar public libraries offer thousands of books which can be borrowed and enjoyed for free, those same public libraries also offer a selection of eBooks that patrons can borrow for free. As a bonus, checking out an eBook from a public library can be done electronically, eliminating the need to visit the library.

As long as electronic gadgets and eBook readers continue to provide us with a wide range of entertainment and content on the go, these places at which to find eBook downloads will be right behind them and undoubtably continue to grow as well.