Where to Find the Best Pizza in America

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Where to find the best pizza in America is a question often asked by pizza aficionados and those who just enjoy a nice slice once in a while alike. While it's easy to get a generic slice of pizza almost anywhere in the United States, these top American cities for pizza offer the tastiest and most unique styles of pizza around.

In the classic battle of which US city has the best pizza, two names always dominate the conversation, Chicago and New York City. Each city's residents will swear their pizza is the best and often let you know how their competitor's pie simply doesn't measure up. In the end, it's a matter of taste. New Yorkers will favor the thin crust, foldable New York-style pizza while Chicagoans live and die by the flaky and filling Chicago-style deep dish.

But good pizza is not limited to these locations with dozens of other cities serving up impressive pizza around the country. Providence, Rhode Island, is a favorite of many with a unique grilled pizza that's truly like no other. In Boston, Massachusetts, you can find slices adorned with unconventional yet highly delicious pizza toppings like lobster. Even Philadelphia delivers a great pizza, and, yes, you can bet your bottom dollar that Philly steak pizza is on the menu.

So while your personal favorite city for pizza in the US may depend on the pizza crust style and toppings you enjoy best, any pizza lover owes it to themselves to savor the different pizza styles in these American cities. Weigh in on your favorite city for pizza by voting below, adding any not listed or re-ranking this list below!

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