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Rocket Power Was Actually About Bad Parenting And Out Of Control Children

Even the best '90s cartoons were a lot darker than most people gave them credit for. Sure, on the surface the seemed nice enough. Shows like Rugrats, Hey Arnold!, and Recess seemed to represent the innocence of "kids being kids," but in reality they were cripplingly depressing. Take, for example, Rocket Power, a show about radical, far-out kids doing extreme sports. Seriously, though, where were their parents? Why were they allowed to do so many dangerous things unsupervised? Something's clearly wrong in Ocean Shores. 

The plot of Rocket Power was actually pretty depressing. Reggie and Otto's mom died mysteriously when they were babies. Raymundo is a widower, a single father working full time (at a failing business), struggling to make ends meet. Meanwhile, he has no time to for his kids, and they spend their days participating in extreme sports unsupervised.

Just think of how dark Rocket Power would be in real life. That's probably why the show ended before they got to high school. By then, Otto and Twister would have wound up in juvie, Squid would be the weird goth kid that no one talks to, and Reggie would probably have gotten knocked up by Trent. 

There's no way around it, Rocket Power was all about negligent parenting, and out of control kids.

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    Raymundo Is Xenophobic And So Are His Children

    In the second episode of Rocket Power, Ocean Shores is "invaded by shoobies," which is surfer talk for "at peak tourist season." That's the time of year that presumably pays the majority of the bills for the Rocket family. The kids don't know what to do with themselves, because apparently xenophobia was ingrained into their personalities before they hit high school.

    Naturally, they hit up Raymundo for the only thing he's good for: surfing advice. They sneak away to his "secret surf spot," which is probably where the kids were conceived knowing 'Mundo. The Rocket children don't learn to accept people from other backgrounds, and are left despising the very people who provide them their livelihood. 

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    Sam's Dad Is A Dirtbag

    In episode 6, "Father's Day Off," we get to meet Squid's Dad, Doug Dullard. Doug is, for lack of a better term, a total douchenozzle. He's your stereotypical '80s guy trying to make it work in the '90s. He's basically a less fun version of Jim Carrey's character from Liar, Liar.

    He tries to pay for Sam's love instead of showing him any affection or attention. No wonder Sam is such an insecure kid, he never had a parent to provide him with unconditional love. 

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    Otto Once Broke His Leg And Still Tried to Play Hockey

    In the second segment of episode 19, "Otto's Big Break," the inevitable finally happened. Otto finally broke a bone while out causing mischief in Ocean Shores. The crazy thing? There were no repercussions. Otto wasn't forced to "take it easy" in the future, or wear more safety equipment. As a matter of fact, he was so loosely supervised while on "bed rest" that he snuck out to play hockey with his friends. Spoiler alert: it didn't go well. Double spoiler alert: he didn't learn a thing. 

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    Reggie, The Responsible One, Is Outlandishly Reckless

    In the pilot episode "Down the Drain," the Rocket's neighbor Mr. Stimpleton asks Reggie to look after their pool while they're out of town. She drains it so she can can skate in it with her friends and, in classic Rocket fashion, they end up flooding the basement during the process.

    Instead of getting caught and reprimanded, they blame it on Raymundo and skate down to the beach. No repercussions are ever shown, and the kids don't learn a thing about honesty and respecting the property of others. Radical!