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Whatever Happened to the Most Memorable People from MTV's 'The Real World'?

Updated September 23, 2021 117.5k views15 items

When it first premiered in 1992, MTV's The Real World was nothing short of revolutionary: a real-life look at the lives of young adults all living together in the same home, brimming with natural drama and genuine heart. In a way, it was the forerunner for all the reality TV that would come after. But where are The Real World contestants today, especially the more memorable cast members? Only a select few have seemed to maintain the high profile they had while being among the most famous contestants on the most memorable seasons of the show - but what about the rest? After all, those who came of age watching the show will never forget Puck's troublemaking or Eric's pecs. 

As you'll see from this list of The Real World then and now, most of the show's famous (and infamous) housemates have each forged their own path, some with more success than others. It just goes to show that fame is a fickle creature, especially when you're young and baring your soul for all the world to see.