Animals Wheres Waldo: Nature Edition  

Ashley Reign
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Have you ever wondered how well you would fare if you found yourself lost in the wild, without any of the benefits of modern civilization? As smart as we humans may think we are, many of us would probably be surprised to discover exactly how crafty Mother Nature can really be. Here we’ve compiled a Where’s Waldo-like collection featuring “When You See It” style photos of nature at her stealthiest.

Think you’d be able to spot a cheetah staring you down from a few feet away? Or that you could disguise yourself more ingeniously than a common frog? Come on in and find out as you play Where’s Waldo: Nature Edition.

Below you’ll see a group of seemingly unassuming photos, in which we dare you to try and spot nature’s trickery at its finest. After this tough list, you'll think finding Waldo in those old kids' books is super easy! Many of the pictures feature animals showing off exactly how incredible their natural camouflage really is. Others, however, feature some of nature’s coolest optical illusions, which will make you swear you can see faces in mountains or wise old wizards who seem to have grown right out of the bark of a tree.

So put your stealth to the test! Don’t worry if you can’t find Waldo (aka the hidden image) on your own in all of the following photos. We’ve included directions to help you find whatever is hidden in each, just in case you need to peak. That said, get ready for a mind blowing trip into the wilds of nature as you match wits with our Where’s Waldo: Nature Edition pictures!
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This Normal, Everyday Tree Branch

This Normal, Everyday Tree Bra... is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Wheres Waldo: Nature Edition
Photo: via Wikimedia
When you see it: You won't feel as bad for not seeing it immediately, this is one of the tougher ones on the list. If you look super closely however, you'll see that most of the right side of the tree branch is actually a Uroplatus Gecko. If you start scanning the tree with your eyes at the bottom, you'll first see his head and front foot because he's upside down.
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This Nice, Safe African Plain

This Nice, Safe African Plain is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list Wheres Waldo: Nature Edition
Photo: via Twitter
When you see it: You will, as the kids say, "shit brix." Look a little closer at the brush just to the right of the base of the center tree. You'll find a cheetah there, contemplating inviting you to dinner. 
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These Normal, Everyday Rocks

These Normal, Everyday Rocks is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list Wheres Waldo: Nature Edition
Photo: via Wikimedia
When you see it: You'll realize you're actually under the scrutiny of a beady little squirrel eye. If you look carefully on top of the large, rust colored rock near the center-left of the photo, you'll find a California ground squirrel.
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This Tree Hollow

This Tree Hollow is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list Wheres Waldo: Nature Edition
Photo: via Pinterest
When You See It: You'll see that this hollow isn't so hollow after all. There's a wise old napping owl nestled right in the center.  
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