Who Should Be The Next Professor Xavier?

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Vote up the best actor to fill Patrick Stewart's shoes.

Now that Patrick Stewart has grown weary of playing Charles Xavier, it’s time to figure out who his replacement is going to be. Professor X is the most important character in the X-Men mythos. As the guy who brings the team together, the next Professor X has to be someone who can carry with them the gravitas it takes to congeal so many disparate personalities while also having the ability to look cool and commanding while riding around in a wheelchair. It’s not an easy task to pull off, and if all those wannabe X-Men actors out there think they’re up to the challenge of taking on this role of a lifetime now is the time to speak up.

Seriously though, who should play Professor X? Do audiences want to see an actor that they know and love sit in the chair with a shaved head and pretend to knock people out with their mind powers? Or do they want to see an untested young actor step into the role and knock their socks off? Think long and hard about all of the best actors to portray Professor X, because whoever ends up with the role is going to be there for a long time.

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