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Who Should Be The Next Wolverine?

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Now that Hugh Jackman is definitely maybe probably finished with playing Wolverine in the X-Men movies, America needs to pull itself together and figure out who should play Wolverine next. Wolverine is one of the most pivotal comic book and film characters of the modern era and if there isn’t a new Wolverine to watch before the year is out, a complete and total breakdown of society could occur.

But who should take on the mantle of the man with the adamantium skeleton? Should it be someone who has successfully carried a franchise? Or should the new Wolverine be played by a fresh face that that can bring an energy to the character that will make audiences want to throw their money at the screen? Take a look at these actors best suited to play Wolverine and figure it out. Put your X-Men themed thinking cap on and figure out who is best suited to play the new Wolverine.