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Which Akatsuki Member Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign?

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The Akatsuki, a villainous group from the world of Naruto, strives to capture the tailed beasts and harness their power to wage war on the various ninja villages. Each member has their reason for participating along with their own unique personalities and skills. As you watch the Akatsuki members pursue their mission, you may find yourself relating to a few of these antagonists - it's not like it's the first time you've sympathized with an anime villain. Whom you identify with is based on your personality, which is linked to your zodiac sign.

Which Akatsuki member are you according to your zodiac sign? Maybe you're a hot-blooded Leo who always wants to be the center of attention - meaning you have something in common with Deidara, the blonde explosion artist. Maybe you're a caring Cancer who is willing to make astronomical sacrifices to help the people you love - then you're a lot like Itachi Uchiha. Whatever your sign, you can find a way to connect with these badass villains in black and red. 

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