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Which Akatsuki Member Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign?

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The Akatsuki, a villainous group from the world of Naruto, strives to capture the tailed beasts and harness their power to wage war on the various ninja villages. Each member has their reason for participating along with their own unique personalities and skills. As you watch the Akatsuki members pursue their mission, you may find yourself relating to a few of these antagonists - it's not like it's the first time you've sympathized with an anime villain. Whom you identify with is based on your personality, which is linked to your zodiac sign.

Which Akatsuki member are you according to your zodiac sign? Maybe you're a hot-blooded Leo who always wants to be the center of attention - meaning you have something in common with Deidara, the blonde explosion artist. Maybe you're a caring Cancer who is willing to make astronomical sacrifices to help the people you love - then you're a lot like Itachi Uchiha. Whatever your sign, you can find a way to connect with these badass villains in black and red. 

  • Sasuke only joins the Akatsuki briefly - he joins them as a means to achieve his goal of destroying Konoha after he finds out the role that the government played in his family's massacre. He ultimately ditches the organization when it no longer serves his needs. This headstrong and independent approach is to be expected of an Aries - the hot-blooded sign that does whatever it takes to achieve their sky-high goals. They take extreme risks - like joining villainous organizations - and refuse to let anything stop them no matter what the odds of success might be. 

  • Taurus (April 20 - May 20): Kakuzu

    Not to say that Taureans are obsessive money grubbers... but they kind of are - at least sometimes. This sign desires the best of everything, and to make that happen they need cold hard cash. Kakuzu is one of the few members of the Akatsuki who actually keeps track of the organization's finances. He's not willing to blow their money on nonsense - instead, he keeps careful tabs on all their expenses to make sure they have all the items they need to achieve their nefarious goals.

    Not only does Kakuzu channel the Earth sign's practical approach to spending, but he also excels at being prepared in case of emergency - the man has four separate hearts, which makes him incredibly difficult to take out in battle.

  • Obito Uchiha is a man of multiple conflicting desires and personality traits. He begins life as a cheerful, enthusiastic young boy who aspires to be a great ninja and outshine his rival, Kakashi. After a series of traumatic events, many orchestrated by his undead ancestor, Madara, Obito becomes cynical and depressed, and ultimately ends up viewing the world as a hellish nightscape that deserves destruction. Even while deep in such a depressing mindset, he still manages to fill the role of Tobi - a cheerful jokester who can often be found dancing.

    Only one sign is known for such a range of conflicting traits, and that's Gemini. When you talk to a Gemini, you never quite know which version of them you're going to get - but every version is going to be fascinating - as Obito is in every version of himself. 

  • Cancers willingly sacrifice just about anything to protect the people they love and often go to extremes that other signs won't. Itachi Uchiha kills his entire family - whom he loved - in order to prevent a civil war that would destroy his entire community and likely leave his younger brother Sasuke dead. Not only is he willing to endure the intense pain of betraying his family for Sasuke's sake, Itachi also denies himself an actual connection with his brother by refusing to reveal his true reason for massacring their clan - all to protect Sasuke from further danger.

    Few signs would go through all that suffering for someone else's sake, but this self-sacrificing sign wouldn't hesitate.