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Which Anime Has The Best Group of Villains?

4 Mar 2020 13.0k votes 3.0k voters 59.7k views15 items

Which anime has the best villains? This is a question with no real answer, since everyone has a different opinion. However, there are plenty of anime that are well-known for having a robust cast of villains that are appreciated by many.

This list is focused on groups of villains rather than individuals. That's why no matter how awesome, interesting, or otherwise noteworthy certain independent villains might be, the ones that appear on this list are the ones who have allies. Not to worry though, many of the anime with the best villains feature groups. 

Do you love the Akatsuki from Naruto? What about the League of Villains from My Hero Academia? The Twelve Demon Moons From Demon Slayer? Whichever your favorites are, show them some love by voting them up!

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