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Which Version Of The Batman Would Win In An All-Out Fight?

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Vote up the Dark Knight who would stand tall.

The old saying goes that “Batman + prep time beats anyone,” and that maxim has been proven on countless occasions over the years. But what if the “anyone” in question is another Dark Knight? Debates about who has given the best Batman performance of all time are purely subjective and impossible to nail down, but an inquiry into the strongest version of Batman relies mainly on facts and (literally) hard-hitting evidence. There is an answer out there as to which Bruce Wayne would win in an all-out fight; it’s just going to take a lot of hypothetical brawling to figure it out.

A handful of fictional individuals have worn Batman’s iconic cape and cowl, getting their own Dark Knight outfit and a new set of gadgets. But it’s those who continue to portray Batman in the real world who really define the character for each generation. Everyone’s got their favorite Batman - but only one can walk away as the winner.