Which Celeb Do You Want as Your Introverted Best Friend?

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Isn't it refreshing to hear about nice people who happen to be famous? Some celebs give off serious sweetheart vibes in interviews and are known to donate their time and money to charity. Others frequently show up in anecdotes about great celebrity encounters. While all friendly celebrities are lovable, introverted celebs may deserve a little extra credit for a positive attitude. Paparazzi attention is rough for anyone, but it must be even harder to keep your cool if you're the type to shrink away from the spotlight and social interaction. As introverts tend to form close, intimate bonds, celebrities who are introverts would be awesome BFFs. All the famous INFJs, INFPs, INTJs are listed below for you to peruse. 

Just for fun, imagine you could handpick any of these famous people as your new best friend. Imagine a quiet night at home with a bottle of wine with one of these famous folks, bonding over conversations that go on for hours. These are all celebrities who seem cool, so the choice might be tough. Would you want to geek out over Harry Potter trivia with Emma Watson or Daniel Radcliffe? Or would you want to have deep, meaningful conversations with Stephen Colbert? The choice is yours! 

Vote for the people you'd actually want to hang out with. If you don't see your ideal celebrity BFF on this list, add them!

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